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Helping People Win at Work Helping People Win at Work
In this tough economy, companies need to do whatever they can to succeed, and that means helping employees do the...
11/17/2009 11:48:47
Welcome to the Learning Moment blog site Welcome to the Learning Moment blog site
Learning moments and leadership lesson will soon be shared on the Learning Moment blog - I hope you will join in....
10/02/2009 13:46:50

BBC Interview

12:30 pm Thursday, 27th August, BBC Radio 4

Helping People Win at Work by Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge

Helping People Win at WorkKen Blanchard's Leading at a Higher Level techniques are inspiring thousands of executives and entrepreneurs to lead their people to greatness, as they create high-performance organizations that make life better for everyone. Blanchard's immense audience has asked for one more thing: specific, in-depth examples of how leaders and their organizations are actually implementing these techniques: the challenges they've faced, the solutions they've developed, and the results they've achieved. Starting with this book, the new Leading at a Higher Level Series will give them precisely that. In, Helping People Win at Work WD-40 Company President/CEO Garry Ridge reveals how his company has used Blanchard's techniques to "Partner for Performance" with every employee, and achieve unprecedented levels of employee engagement and commitment. Ridge introduces WD-40's performance review system, explaining its goals, its features, and the cultural changes it required. Next, Ridge shares his "leadership point of view": what he expects of people, what they can expect of him, and where his beliefs about leadership and motivation came from. Finally, in Part IV, Ken Blanchard explains why WD-40's Partnering for Performance program works so well and how it can work for you, too. This book isn't about cheerleading: it's about transforming performance review one step at a time and reaping record-breaking results!

Helping People Win at Work
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